Residential Fireplace Construction

and Other Services from Haddad Construction

Residential Fireplace Construction

Show your party guests just how classy you are with a beautiful new fireplace this holiday season. Imagine being the talk of the neighborhood. The residential fireplace construction services offered by Haddad Construction can make it a reality. Specialty designed fireplaces can be built inside your living room, done right down to the exact detail, and designed within your budget. See just how easy remodeling your fireplace can be.

Wrought Iron Railings

Add a touch of old-world charm to your home with wrought iron railings custom built for you by Haddad Construction. You can have the look that French quarter Louisiana is famous for with the custom-made wrought iron railings specially designed for your home or business. Custom-made wrought iron railings bring sophisticated detail to your home or business, sophistication that others want to be a part of.

Cypress Cabinets

Cypress cabinets custom-made for your home by Haddad Construction are a beautiful addition to any room. We can custom fabricate the cabinet doors according to your details exactly. We can also customize the cabinet itself to occupy any space as well as install them in your home. We will listen to what you want and get it done right, down to the exact detail, all within your budget.

Custom Kitchen

Turn your cramped kitchen into a beautiful and usable space with kitchen remodeling services from Haddad Construction. From cabinets to counter surfaces to appliance arrangement, you can finally get the kitchen you’ve always wanted. We will listen to what you need and design a remodeled kitchen for you that will match what you want down to the detail. Get the new and clean look of ultra-modern kitchens, or go for something more classic.

Cathedral Ceilings

Add an element of grandeur to your home with Cathedral Ceilings. Open up your home all the way up to the rafters. Haddad Construction can remodel your ceiling and give it the depth that will take the breath away from your guests. You can never hear enough praise of your beautiful new cathedral ceiling. Remodeling services from Haddad Construction can make it happen.

Whatever your remodeling needs, Haddad Construction can get it done according to your budget. Make your house the home you've always wanted. Call today for your free quote!